Thomas Ogden

Photos from 2010

Photos from Didsbury, Uppsala, Snowdonia, Stockholm, Gothenburg and the Isle of Angelsey.

I only got a camera in October, so this album is just for the last three months of 2010.

October, Didsbury

An autumn afternoon in Didsbury Park.

October, Uppsala

Uppsala’s cathedral is exactly as long as it is tall. I’m annoyed at that bird breaking formation.

November, ✈

I spent a lot of this year in the sky between Stockholm and Manchester.

November, Snowdonia

Wales. Sheep.

November, Stockholm

I had a great view from my home in Östermalm. Here’s NK and Stadhuset.

December, Stockholm

Each day I walked through Liljansskogen to the physics institute. In winter the woods were dark by afternoon and the snow muffled all the sound.

December, Stockholm

A rare and splendid icebow. ‘In the sky some kind of strange sky phenomenon…’

December, Gothenburg

Olivia and I took a train to Gothenburg before coming home for Christmas. Gothenburg was cold.

December, Gothenburg

The reindeer at Liseberg didn’t seem to mind the cold.

December, Isle of Anglesey

Snow and mist cover Anglesey, looking back to the mountains.