Thomas Ogden

Photos from 2011

Photos from Stockholm, Port Dinorwic, Copenhagen, Normandy, Islington, Snowdonia and Durham.

February, Stockholm

Olivia and I took a trip around the archipelago on an icebreaker boat. It was too cold to stay long above deck so we sat in the cabin and listened to it crunching through the ice.

February, Stockholm

Along the cliffs of Södermalm is one of my favourite places for a weekend walk, looking out over Gamla Stan and the harbour.

February, Stockholm

The church grounds of Katarina kyrka, looking down to the bars and shops of SoFo.

March, Port Dinorwic

A sailboat on the Menai Strait. I love taking the kayak out for a peaceful paddle — as long as I don’t get the tides wrong and end up in the swellies.

May, Copenhagen

The spiral walkway to the top of Rundetårn observatory. Peter the Great ascended on horseback, but feet are fine for a great view over the city to the Øresund Bridge.

May, Copenhagen

I took the train to Copenhagen on my way to Aarhus to meet with some physicists we were collaborating with. I had an afternoon to explore the town and see the paintbox townhouses of Nyhavn.

June, Stockholm

Air traffic is not allowed right over Stockholm, so balloons are free to fly through the summer. I’d count a dozen or more on clear afternoons.

June, Normandy

A lovely weekend in Houdetot in the summer for plenty of food, games, and Normandy cider.

July, Port Dinorwic

The big dipper in a clear midnight sky on the beach in Wales.

August, Stockholm

These synchronised swimmers — nine middle-aged Swedish men — were one of my highlights of the Popaganda festival in Skanstull. Straight out of a Roy Andersson movie.

September, North Wales

I completed my work in Sweden and returned home. Here’s Dinas Dinlle beach. I don’t know what this thing is.

September, Islington

During Open House London we got a chance to explore the Angel building, and admire the views from the rooftop. We got asked to leave the Guardian offices before I could take any good photos.

September, Snowdonia

Dad, Luke and I went for a walk up Mynydd Mawr. It was windy and overcast and great.

September, Snowdonia
November, Durham

In October I moved to Durham to start my PhD. This view of the castle and cathedral is from the train viaduct — a nice sight to arrive to.

December, Isle of Anglesey
December, Isle of Anglesey

A kite surfer on Christmas Day.