Thomas Ogden

Dubrovnik, Pošiply

Terracotta rooftops of the walled city, with the island of Lokrum behind.

Me and Olivia spent a few days in Croatia, mostly eating seafood, drinking Pošip and swimming in the Adriatic.

On Lokrum, looking down at the Monastery and Maximilian’s summer residence.

A regular ferry will drop you on the forested island of Lokrum. The Austrian archduke Maximillian had a holiday home here but got bored so declared himself Emperor of Mexico. Shortly after he was captured and executed by the Mexican government. Think I would’ve stuck with Lokrum.

Nature on Lokrum. A cricket shell and an ant highway.

There’s a botanical garden on the island and a lot of crickets that will sometimes land on you.

An old town sidestreet.

Wandering the old town is a joy but in August it's best in the early morning before the temperature gets up and before the cruise ships arrive.

Fort Imperijal on Mount Srđ.

A few minutes on a cable car takes you to the top of Mount Srđ, where Napoleon Bonaparte built a fort during the short French rule over the city. There is an exhibition on the small group who defended the old fort during the siege of Dubrovnik in 1991.

If you’re visiting Dubrovnik the thing I’d recommend the most is the War Photo Limited gallery set up by New Zealand photojournalist Wade Goddard.

It is the intent of War Photo Limited to educate the public in the field of war photography, to expose the myth of war and the intoxication of war, to let people see war as it is, raw, venal, frightening, by focusing on how war inflicts injustices on innocents and combatants alike.
Walking on Lokrum.