Thomas P. Ogden

Photos from Fjällen I

A trek across the arctic mountains of northern Sweden from Abisko to Kvikkjokk. Part 1 of 3.

The sleeper train left Stockholm in the evening to head north for 17 hours to Abisko.

Crossing the bridge at Renvaktarstuga.

Camp 5 at Kebnekaise.

Tjäktiajåkka valley.

Don't know if these ants can sting but they looked like they meant business so we set up camp far enough away.

Lone tree at Vuomajåkhå.

Tjäktiajåkka. Don't think I've swam anywhere colder. Nice for hot and tired feet though.

Visttasvággi from Njunni.

Plenty of berries around. We collected blueberries to eat on our breakfast porridge.

Wooded island in Laitaure.

Waiting for the rain to stop.

Looking west to the Sarek mountains from Skierffe.