Thomas P. Ogden

Photos from Fjällen II

A trek across the arctic mountains of northern Sweden from Abisko to Kvikkjokk. Part 2 of 3.

Heading up to the shoulder between Giron and Tjåmuhas, looking west to Storseinfjellet in Norway.

Šiellačohkka wrapped in cloud above the Aliseatnu valley, from the bridge at Renvaktarstuga.

Kaskasatjåkka and Niijbáš from Kasakvagge.

Alpine flowers.

Niklas heading to the top of Kebnekaise.

Kebnekaise Sydtoppen, highest point in Sweden.


I don't know what you call this. Not a rainbow but a splitting of the spectrum in the rain.


Reindeer at Njunjes.

Skierffe from Laitaure.