Thomas P. Ogden

Photos from Fjällen III

A trek across the arctic mountains of northern Sweden from Abisko to Kvikkjokk. Part 3 of 3.

Visttasjokha, after a night and morning of heavy rain.

Isfallsglaciären into Darfáljávri.

Niklas rowing across Laitaure.


Tjäktiajåkka, turqouise river on a hot afternoon.

Melting waterfall on Šiellajunni.

Rowing over Teusajaure. Two rowboats on our side this time, so we only needed make one crossing.

As well as the mosquitos and midges, there were plenty other bugs like this one I found in my rucksack.

Looking down on the delta from Skierffe.

Reindeer at Aktse.

Still morning at Saltoluokta.

Back in Stockholm.