Mostly applied maths.

I’m a Senior Data Scientist at Spotify. I build tools with probabilistic machine learning on sequences and graphs.


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I did a PhD in Theoretical Physics at Durham. My research in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information led to the first observation of the simulton, a quasiparticle of light, in an atomic vapour. Before that, a BSc in Maths and Physics at Warwick and an MSc in Computational Physics at Stockholm.

Apart from my work I enjoy time with family, running, music and books. I also enjoy mountaineering and kayaking when I get chance.


  • Quasisimultons in Thermal Atomic Vapors
    Thomas P. Ogden, K. A. Whittaker, J. Keaveney, S. A. Wrathmall, C. S. Adams and R. M. Potvliege (PRL 123 (24), arXiv:1909.07161)

  • Resonant Pulse Propagation in Dense Atomic Vapours
    Thomas P. Ogden (Durham University, PDF)

  • Hydration Dynamics of Aqueous Nitrate
    Jan Thøgersen, Julien Réhault, Michael Odelius, Thomas P. Ogden, Naresh K. Jena, Svend J. Knak Jensen, Søren R. Keiding and Jan Helbing (J Phys Chem B)

  • Rotation of NO₃ as a Probe of Molecular Ion–Water Interactions
    Jan Thøgersen, Jakob Brun Nielsen, S Knak Jensen, Søren Rud Keiding, M Odelius, Thomas P. Ogden, J Réhault, J Helbing (EPJ Web of Conferences)

  • Reorientation Dynamics of Nitrate in Water
    Thomas P. Ogden (Stockholms Universitet)


  • MaxwellBloch — A Python package for solving the coupled Maxwell-Bloch equations describing the nonlinear propagation of near-resonant light through thermal atomic vapours.

  • Euler — My solutions to Project Euler problems.